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Elaine Lustig Cohen - Graphic Designer & Artist

Lightolier, Invitation, 1956 (with Alvin Lustig)

Euclid, Print, 2005

Schwitters, Portrait, 2009

Masada, The Jewish Museum Catalog, 1968

The House of Seagram (Brasserie), Building Signage, 1957

Pioneering graphic designer, artist and archivist, Elaine Lustig Cohen (1927–2016) is recognized for her body of design work integrating European avant-garde and modernist influences into a distinctly American, mid-century manner of communication. She is a living link between design’s modernist past and its continually changing present.

— Steven Heller, Elaine Lustig Cohen: Biography (AIGA Medalist)

Featured Articles & Books:

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by Aaris Sherin, RIT Press, 2014

The Art of Modern Graphics
by Patricia Belen & Greg D’Onofrio, The Shelf Journal, 2012

Elaine Lustig Cohen Interview
by Michael Barron, Bomb Magazine, 2013

Modern Graphic Designer
by Ellen Lupton, Eye magazine, 1995